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My hourly and extended rates are for companionship of a sensual and intimate nature and may include

a mix of social and private time together.


Hourly Rates (Outcall)

It is same as my incall + $50 or $100 depending how far you are and how I feel. 

 If your place is more than 15 min drive, I may ask for deposit that will be deducted of the amount. ( It’s  pretty understandable).


Please don’t be mad or offended if I ask you a picture of the money and a proof of residence or a pic of the hotel room.  Lots of my outcall are late at night, and there are a lot of danger, so I’m taking all the precautions I can think of…

Date & Social time packages

All rates are in Canadian currency


1 hour - $150

1.5 hours - $250

After that every hour extra is $100 each but it’s probably time to do business.

My social rate is for companionship of a strictly platonic nature involving NO OR LITTLE (within my discretion) physical intimacy of any kind during our time together- Eg. Meeting for dinner, movie, and coffee shop.

I do expect gentlemen to be clean and fresh at arrival. Shower, soap and mouthwash are ALWAYS available.

Hourly Rates (incall)

All rates are in Canadian currency


1 hour - $300 (depend location)

1.5 hours - $400 (Great Value)

2 hours - $550

After that every hour extra is 250 each.


No app or private no. will be accepted.

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