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About Chantal

First of all, thank you to take the time to read about me.


 I always try to improve myself in every aspect of my life.  I got great positive energy and I love people with great conversation who can have different opinion from me so we can debate.  I like surrounding myself with happy people who cherish their health and try to look their best they could, because I do!

I always been very sexual since my teenage years. I have been many times by myself in bars looking for a good times; always horny for more. So, I can relate to many of my clients. I have lived a lot of different sex experience and I m always ready for more.

Please share with me what is it you are looking for. Don’t be shy, I’m non judgmental. I have strong desire to assist you in making your experience most memorable. My boundaries may change by partner and by day so you know. I do remain open to discussion.

I moved to Edmonton in 2008 from Toronto but I'm not often home, travelling all the times! 

Check out to see my many positive reviews. CAF is reputable source for reviews and has been around for over 15 years.  

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